101 percent profit with options trading

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I finished my first video presenting an account doubling on a live stock exchange account. In this I show again the transaction list of options trading. The video was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone, it’s uncut, and was uploaded wholly to YouTube right after recording.

Watch this video, if you haven’t seen a doubled account.

I must add, that the applied strategy leading to this outcome is not a “How to get rich quickly”-scheme. Only with persistent learning and a lot of demo and later live practicing can you achieve such outstanding results.

I already made a video of this account before. That time it was 74% surplus. It started from about $14 thousand and now it’s over $28 thousand. You need to know, that only in the beginning was money transferred to this account, the starting amount, since then the profit hasn’t been taken out and more money hasn’t been transferred to it.

I still believe that you should learn stock exchange investment and trading from somebody who can show you results. Results are not meant as excel tables, profit charts, demo accounts and various anecdotes, but uncut videos made of live accounts or a transaction list of a live account demonstrated on a free presentation.

By applying non-directional (direction-neutral) strategies, such results can be achieved. As you can see, this strategy worked well before the previous video, after the previous video and I claim this will work after this video as well.

An advantage of a doubled account that you can take out the originally invested capital and from that time you can continue trading with zero risk concerning your initial investment.

If you want to see the numbers in the video, switch to HD (1080p) quality and full screen.

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The second stock market transaction list on the internet

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I made another video about a live stock market account, which is in 43% surplus at the moment. On this account there was $10.000 ca. 8 months ago and now it's over $14.300. Since then money wasn't transferred to it, and the profit wasn't taken out.

The goal with this account was to gain 5% monthly profit, though this strategy allows to gain even 10-15% profit per month. The primary aim was to earn with the least time input much higher profit than bank interests. In order to do so, the number of stock market products was reduced to one and only oil future options were traded. This way it was enough to trade only 2-3 hours per week. The predetermined strategy allows us to check the accounts besides work, in the evenings and to carry out the necessary transactions.

This video is worth to see, because not only the transaction list is revealed, but I also show that the expiration of the options made a surplus in every month regarding to 2012.

If you want to see the numbers, switch to HD (1080p) quality and full screen.

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Feature of this video:

The video was shot with a cell phone in full HD (1080) quality, so it obviously can be seen that it's not manipulated or photoshopped. To draw an arbitrary profit chart or to create an excel table of fictive data is quite simple. But even a screen captured video (e.g. camtasia) can be easily manipulated.

Here you can watch my previous demo:

The first stock market transaction list on the internet

The first stock market transaction list on the internet

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I made a video for you in which I show you a stock market account in 74% surplus. There was $14.000 transferred to this account 10 months ago and now it's on $24.300. Only once was money transferred to it, the starting amount at the beginning, since then money wasn't transferred to it, and the profit wasn't taken out.

Watch the video, because probably it's the first and last stock market transaction list what you can see. The first one, because there are only a very few successful stock market traders. And the last one, because if you don't start to deal with this issue, you'll never see something like this.

Switch to HD (1080p) quality and full screen to see the numbers.

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Some features of the video:

  • It was uploaded to Youtube last night and it became the number one for the key phrase: "transaction list" after half a day
  • It's also number one for "How can we make 10,000 dollars in the stock market" key phrase on Youtube
  • The video was shoot with a cell phone with a full HD camera. I think it shows more, that it's not manipulated or photoshopped. An Excel table, a profit chart or a screenshot is easy to manipulate.

Learn how to become a stock market guru in 10 minutes

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 Warning! Ironic, sarcastic manner!

If you've been wondering for a while about changing career, but you couldn't decide what should be your new profession, by all means consider the option of becoming a stock market guru. Since this is a job, which - if you take my advice - pays very well, doesn't need much time to spend with, doesn't need special experience, despite these you can be rich and famous.

I've been watching stock market gurus from Hungary and abroad for many years and noticed that successful people have some common traits. So in order you to have a quick start in prospering in your new job, I'll tell you step by step what to do to become a successful stock market guru.

1. First, you need to grab the attention of economic media, including economic news, tv and radio programs and internet news portals. The method is: making extreme forecasts. It's very weak to claim that the market will run up by 10% or will drop by 5%. But it's quite effective  to state: Dow Jones will rise till 40.000 or gold will rise till 2000 dollars/ounce. But you can be discovered as well by declaring S&P 500 will drop under the previous low point - the magical 666. You can decide to be either a bullish (expecting rise on the market) or a bearish (expecting drop on the market) stock market guru. But you can even change your views from time to time. However, media disapproves, if you change your views too often. Be consequent, stick to your initial standpoint all the time, anything happens on the market.

2. After deciding whether you want to make a living as a bullish, a bearish or an alternating guru, you have to achieve that no one recalls when you made your first prognosis. It's a little bit hard, you need some tricks and  to gain some experience in avoiding to give exact time intervals in your forecasts. In order to get into the right role it's enough to observe the techniques applied by politicians. They're experts on achieving that nobody remembers things which are embarrassing for them. They can even present their mistakes as victories.

3. Repeat your forecasts loudly, frequently and with amazing confidence. If the market turns against you, just repeat: your conviction is unwavering, you have no doubt that the market will change soon in the direction you have predicted. Once again: the best way to make people forget about the terms of your forecasts is the continuous repetition.

4. Anyway, the market will find sooner or later the direction which you have always emphasized. Maybe in some years' time, but it'll happen. Watch out, here comes the main trick: in case that the market changes in the direction you predicted, no matter how small the change is, call  it a landslide victory. I mean: shout it into the world to reach everybody. You've been right all the time, thanks to your unique and sophisticated analysis. Don't mention at all, when you made your initial predictions. If they try to push you in a corner, and you have to admit when you started, just tell them: you've just rearranged your whole portfolio. Thus nobody will realize that in fact you've lost a whole bunch of money until now.

5. In order to reduce your loss, never invest money according to your own forecasts. Otherwise what you earn as a famous stock market guru, the market will take from you.

Good luck with your new career! In case that your book will be published in the near future under the title: "Oil will be 140 again" or "Crash is inevitable", I'll know you've taken my advice.